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3 Benefits of Searching for Property Online to Save Time

3 Benefits of Searching for Property Online to Save Time

Ask anyone about their house hunting experience and they will tell you how difficult it is to find a house in Nairobi. If it’s not agents charging you to view the house, it’s the weird looking tiles which just don’t match the decor.

Finding a decent house within your budget takes time and patience. Most times you’ll have to compromise: get an affordable house in a location far away from the city centre, or get an expensive house in a good location. For this to happen, people spend weekend after weekend walking around looking for a vacant house that will meet their needs.

Have you thought of an easier way of house hunting? One which is convenient, fast and affordable?

Benefits of Online Property Search

The internet has simplified how people find information, products and services. The real estate sector has not been left behind. We have noticed that more and more people are looking for property online through portals such as Mobifree Kenya. Whether you want property for rent or sale, you can use different filters to get what you are searching for.

Search at any time of the day

With the busy schedules and Nairobi traffic, the only time you have to search is during the weekend which means you won’t see as many options as you think. You might have to do it for a couple of weekends or settle for something you don’t love just to make sure that you move houses.

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Searching for property online means you can do it during the day or at night which will save you time and energy you’d spend walking around. Remember that even when you find something you love online, follow these safety tips to avoid getting scammed.

Work with more than one agent

Some agents charge a flat fee until you find a house to move in to. Others will charge an amount to view a property. This then confines you to a limited number of houses to view. If it’s your first time working with an agent, you will have to be specific about what you are searching for.

Why not get rid of these charges and the hustle of trying to explain your “ideal house” to one agent while you have access to a number of agents who advertise their property online?

Get advice and insights

When looking for a house through an agent, you won’t get access to advice and tips such as tenant rights or what to look for when buying a house.

When using a property portal such as Mobifree Kenya and BuyrentKenya, you will not only find a house but also expert advice on different topics, real estate insights and trends and other services such as moving, financial and many more.

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Easy to use and there is transparency

Most property portals put all the information about the property online for you to make an informed decision. Whether you are looking for properties for rent or sale, in a particular location, all you do is contact the person who advertised the property and pick it from there. The whole process is straightforward and transparent in the property description.

Get help whenever you want

Because it is an online business, property portals have top-notch customer support to help property seekers by answering any questions you might have. For instance, at Mobifree Kenya, there is a dedicated team to assist whenever you have any queries or concerns related to property.

Lastly, moving houses is a huge investment. Making the right decision at an early stage will help you avoid feeling frustrated and losing money in the process.

Source: Buyrentkenya

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